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Educational activities for Schools
The Rifugio Madonna delle Nevi offers a number of educational activities, organized for students coming from all kinds of schools. Every proposal can be specifically tailored to your needs or preferences. Our team of professionals, which include botanists, entomologists and experts in cheese-making, can provide alternative visits and courses.
We have a highly talented and imaginative mountain guide, who can accompany you or your group to a breathtaking adventure in the forest, where you’ll learn how to use a compass or just star-gazing and even how to make safe fire, using flints! In the winter these activities take place as well, and you may also learn how to build an emergency shelter in the snow!

Main topics include:
  • The natural environment: woods and forests and different kinds of trees, streams, lakes, pastures.
  • Direct observation and scientific study of the local flora and fauna.
  • How milk is collected and made into butter and cheese (it is possible to visit a nearby farm and dairy). Students will also have the chance to make their own fresh cheese!
  • How honey is made (theoretical, with the aid of models, photos and videos).
  • The local history: from Prehistory (examples of Alpine Archaeology) to World War I (the so-called ‘Cadorna Line’, with trenches, which can still be seen).
  • The ‘Via Priula’ passes right in front of the Rifugio. Built in the late 16th century, it was entirely paved with stones and connected Bergamo with Coira, in Switzerland. Not far from the Rifugio you can also visit the beautiful, unchanged medieval village of “Cornello dei Tasso”, home to the Tasso family. They are famous for having set up the first postal service. The name taxi, by which cabs are still called today, comes directly from their surname. The German princes Thurn-und-Taxis are their present descendants. The great poet Torquato Tasso (1544-1595), although born in Naples, belonged to a branch of this same family. In the village you may visit a Museum, dedicated to the story of how Europe’s first postal system evolved.
The Rifugio Madonna delle Nevi proposes to groups of children an unforgettable day in direct touch with Nature. The theme varies every year and is developed from the one chosen by the Dioceses of Lombardy for the summer.
Call the Rifugio and book your special day, during which the children of your group are going to:
  • learn how to hike;
  • learn how to orienteer using a compass;
  • learn the flora and fauna of the ‘Orobie’ Pre-alps;
  • learn how to recognize the many different kinds of trees of our woods;
  • learn how herdsmen lives together with their herds;
  • learn how herdsmen collect and process milk, producing cheese;
  • share a particular prayer, all together.
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