A suggestive church
A precious shrine of silence, where everyone can find peace
This beautiful, little church, set in the mountains, now serves as the Chapel of the Rifugio. It was built in the 19th century by shepherds, who spent their summers pasturing their herds in the surrounding mountain pastures. Here you’ll find peace and spiritual rest. When the Rifugio is open, a Mass is held daily and twice on Sundays. A priest is at hand at the Rifugio's Chapel, available for spiritual guidance to groups and guests.

The Chapel contains several interesting works of art by local 20th century painters, such as Vittorio Manini, Giuseppe Guerinoni and Cosetta Arzuffi. The tabernacle is by the well-known goldsmith Claudio Nani and the splendid stained-glass windows are by the famous artist Floriano Bodini. On top of the bell-tower, you can see the statue of the “Madonna delle Nevi” by the sculptor Alessandro Verdi.
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