Here men and history blend with land
History and Traditions
The Rifugio Madonna delle Nevi is a small village on the mountains, near Mezzoldo, in the Brembana Valley. It was founded by the Bishop of Bergamo, mons. Adriano Bernareggi back in 1947. He first come up with the idea of building a guest-house here, during his Pastoral Visit, that year, when he got to this beautiful place and was fascinated by its peace and quiet.

Today the Rifugio is well known not just in the Diocese of Bergamo, but also across Italy, for being a welcoming house for families and children in particular. Along its long history, the Rifugio has been totally refurbished and new parts have been built to host more people and also more activities. Bergamo’s late Bishop, mons. Roberto Amadei, was very fond of the Rifugio and promoted many of the works done. The line of the Rifugio’s Directors is now pretty long: starting with don Pietro Rota e mons. Ferdinando Arizzi, it went on with don Giuseppe Martello, don Gianni Carminati, don Remo Luiselli, mr. Luigi Novetti, don Fausto Parigi, don Mario Togni (who directed the Rifugio for almost 25 years), don Mario Togni, don Paolo Rossi, don Giovanni Gusmini and now don Fabio Pesenti.

The Rifugio’s little church dates back to the XIX century. It was built by the herdsmen who came up to the mountains with their herds and wanted to have the possibility of attending the Mess on Sundays. This little church, dedicated to the Virgin of the Snows, is the very centre of the Rifugio and the source of its inspiration. So many years since its beginning, the Rifugio is still faithful to its original spirit: more than just a ‘house’ it’s a true village, set in beautiful place, a welcoming venue especially thought for families and children.

Nowadays the Rifugio still keeps its traditions and its spirit alive. Therefore it is loved by all those looking for peace, quiet, but also to have fun and learn new things. Last, but not least, we must say that many customers do come back willingly, thanks to the special care and kindness of our staff.
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